Holy butt Justin Bieber, where are your clothes?! The pop star took his 63 million followers on Instagram by surprise when he posted a sexy butt naked photo of himself during a camping trip.

In the shot, the Biebs stood by a secluded lake with a bank of trees in the distance. With his feet barely touching the water, it looks like the singer is about to go skinny dipping. The landscape may be gorgeous, but for many, Bieber’s naked butt and toned body will be the only scenery they see.

justin bieber
Source: Justin Bieber’s Instagram

Dat ass doe,” the Biebs captioned the snap, clearly satisfied with the cheeky pic taken by his buddy John Shahidi, CEO of the anti-bullying social network Shots, which Bieber has invested in. Bieber took some time off from his “Purpose” tour for some relaxation at the Grand Canyon. And that included stripping down.


The pop superstar also shared various snapshots of his travels on social media including breathtaking sceneries and one with him lying down while wrapped in a blanket, eyes closed as he appeared to be asleep on a patch of dried grass by the lake.

justin bieber 1
Source: Justin Bieber’s Instagram

Bieber posted a similar naked picture of him standing on a deck of a boat in Bora Bora last July. He ended up deleting it because a close friend’s daughter “was embarrassed that she saw my butt and I totally wasn’t thinking in that aspect. And I felt awful that she felt bad”.

Based on his recent bare bottom shot, it seems that the 22-year-old heartthrob is no longer embarrassed of who sees what of him.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror UK/ Featured image from Celeb Fresh.

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