From the man who brought us “Gangnam Style” comes “나팔바지 (Napal Baji)”, a new track that takes us back to the 70s.

On 1st December (Tuesday), South Korean singer/rapper Psy made his epic comeback with his highly anticipated 7th studio album, “Chiljip PSY-Da”. The album was released alongside the music videos for his double title tracks, “Daddy” and “나팔바지 (Napal Baji)”.

PSY Napal Baji


As compared to the newly-released “Daddy” music video, the music video for “나팔바지 (Napal Baji)” is less traumatising and filled with tonnes of 70s-inspired looks.

The singer managed to incorporate a few popular dance moves from the 70s into the choreography of the retro track. It also seems like he also incorporated the famous dance moves from T-ara’s disco-inspired track, “Roly Poly”.

According to Koreaboo, this retro track is composed by Psy himself and Yoon Gun Hyung. The YG Entertainment artiste said that it is “the most PSY-like song” that he has ever composed. The name of the song roughly translates to “Bell Bottom” in Korean.

During a press conference held yesterday at the Grand Ball Room of the Conrad Hotel in Seoul, Psy said:

“DADDY” was completed in March last year. 7 seasons have gone by and I’m not even Beethoven. I’ve made many changes and put in a lot of thought into it.

But I made “NAPAL BAJI” really quick after performing at a festival. I think it will be fun. One song was very difficult to make and the other wasn’t. People often say that it is the easy-made songs that do well, but we’ll have to see,” he added.

Watch the music video for “나팔바지 (Napal Baji)” below:


Psy’s “Chiljip PSY-Da” goes on sale today. The singer will hold his comeback stage at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) on 2nd December (Wednesday).

For more information, visit PSY’s official Facebook page.

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