K-Pop idol girl group Orange Caramel (After School’s unit group) member Lizzy has been making worrying headlines as of late.

On 12th October, she attended the VIP premiere for the film “Secret” at the CGV in Korea. Posing for photographers, Lizzy (real name Park Soo-young) seemed to have dramatically lost weight as compared to the last time she made a public appearance.

Orange Caramel Lizzy Weight Loss


Her arms were extremely thin and her high waisted ripped jeans looked like it needed to be secured to her waist properly with a tight belt. Netizens who saw the pictures suspected that her skinniness could be due to extreme dieting.

More recently, a Lizzy-focused fancam of the group’s live performance emerged, centering on how frail Lizzy looks compared to the other 2 Orange Caramel members.

Lizzy Orange Caramel

As the group performed their popular track, “Catellena”, eyes of netizens zoned in on Lizzy’s unbearably thin legs, with many immediately showing their concern for the idol and commenting that she looks anorexic.

Does this look too skinny to you? Watch the video and judge for yourselves:

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