We thought that we were already done mourning over Nina Dobrev’s decision to leave “The Vampire Diaries” (TVD), we were terribly wrong.

Nina Dobrev joined TVD in 2009 to portray Elena Gilbert. Much of the series revolves around Elena’s relationships with the Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon. It was later revealed that she is a Petrova Doppelgänger, which is thus responsible for her being identical to her ancestors: Katherine Pierce, Amara, and Tatia.

The Vampire Diaries
Source: The CW

After TVD exec producer Julie Plec announced the departure of Dobrev’s onscreen brother Steven R. McQueen, the 26-year-old actress also confirmed on Instagram that she will make her final appearance in the 6th season of the series.


Needless to say, fans of TVD around the world had their hearts broken with one swift Instagram announcement.

Just a couple of hours ago, TVD addicts were treated to a special Nina Dobrev/Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce/Amara/Tatia appearance as the actress took the stage at the Teen Choice Awards to accept the award for choice TV actress in a sci-fi or fantasy. All in the name of good humour, Nina donned a pair of vampire fangs in her mouth and struggled as she attempted to give her acceptance speech.

Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

She later decided to whip them out, saying, “That’s right! I don’t need these anymore.”

And that’s when her real speech began:

The last few months have been a big change for me. Change. It’s a scary word, or I used to think that, because it meant new beginnings. New beginnings with a future that was unknown. But change is necessary. Necessary for you to grow up and learn and to better yourself, because everything in life comes to an end. As this chapter of my life comes to an end, I look back at it with a grateful heart, and I smile, because just like my character Elena, I started the show as a young girl, and together we grew up. We’ve grown up and over the last 6 years we’ve become women. These were 6 incredible years that I had the pleasure of sharing with all of you guys. We wouldn’t be here without you. I wouldn’t be here without you, and I wouldn’t be here without Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. They changed my life with this role – sorry, 3, 4 roles. It’s hard to keep track these days. So thank you guys, each and every single one of you.

Whoa, Nina. We suddenly had to fight holding back our tears because we most certainly didn’t see this big wave of emo coming at us. And it managed to slap us right in the face 🙁

But before Nina accepted her surfboard and left the stage, she left her fans one last message:

And remember, change is coming! So hold on and enjoy the ride. It’s going to be fun.


Sniff. We don’t know if we’ll ever be okay 🙁

Source: E! Online.

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