Lenny Kravitz is suddenly making headlines and trending on social media (#penisgate) for the most NSFW reason.

Yesterday, the artiste was performing his “American Woman” song in Sweden when his tight, lace-up leather pants decided to split. If you’ve ever wondered what Lenny wore under his leather pants, wonder no more because he more or less “shared” (albeit unexpectedly) that he goes commando.

Lenny Kravitz Penisgate


Lenny, who is currently on the European leg of his tour promoting his latest album, “Strut”, recovered quickly from the unfortunately wardrobe malfunction, walking backstage to change into a fresh pair of leather trousers. No word on whether he attempted to get low with his guitar again after that considering the “package revealing incident” earlier.

Netizens, though, were all too quick to react to the rocker’s clothing mishap, with many taking to social media to discuss the ripped pants. Lenny himself also addressed the, uh, exposure, but all in good humour.



And of course, there’s the winning Lenny Kravitz response:


Source: USA Today.

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