So, Cory Allen Contemporary Art (CACA) has announced that the recently leaked nude images of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton will be the latest additions to Los Angeles artist XVALA’s “Fear Google” campaign and will be on display to the public, unaltered, in the artist’s upcoming show “No Delete” next month at CACA’s The Showroom in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Wait, what?

According to publicist Cory Allen:


XVALA appropriating celebrity compromised images and the overall “Fear Google” campaign has helped strengthen the ongoing debate over privacy in the digital era.The commentary behind this show is a reflection of who we are today. We all become ‘users’ and in the end, we become “used”.

The leaked images will be printed on canvas, life-sized, and unaltered. Yes, that means completely uncensored!

(Not actual photos from the
(Not actual photos from the said Cory Allen Contemporary Art campaign)

The exhibit will be displaying the artist’s 7-year collection of images found on Google of celebrities in their most vulnerable and private moments, that were comprised by either hackers or the paparazzi, including Britney Spears’ shaved head portrait and the leaked naked images of Scarlett Johansson throughout the streets in Los Angeles with the “Fear Google” logo covering her intimate areas.

We have no idea what Jennifer Lawrence or Kate Upton will have to say about this very public display of their leaked pictures. Isn’t this somewhat a crime if Jennifer Lawrence’s reps, especially, are hot on their heels to prosecute anyone who posts their photos? Wouldn’t that apply to this campaign/art display too?

“No Delete” is slated to open on 30th October.

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