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We’re all celebrating our Independence Day in many ways, in our own special ways. Some of us (literally, us) are planning a movie marathon of Malaysian films that we’re truly proud of. Others have taken to Twitter to share their #MerdekaPickUpLines – cheesy but funny.

Meanwhile, we’ve also picked out Malaysian prides of another kind – the top 10 Malaysian YouTubers that we love. Now, we know you’ve probably seen most of their videos. Heck, you probably even know some of these people in real life. But here we are, paying homage to not just the people behind the YouTube channels but also the videos that made us fall in love with them in the first place!



From videos about Gen-Y blues and “Shit Malaysians Say” to annoying public display of affections (PDAs), and even right down to video logs (VLOGs), Dan Khoo Productions first caught our attention with this “Shit Malaysian Girlfriends Say” video:

Sure, it totally jumped on the “Shit (somebody somewhere) Say(s)” trend but we like how as Malaysians, we can relate to it. Slangs and all. Needless to say, we’ve shared the above video plenty with our boyfriends 😉


It’s hard to put a finger on when exactly did we first start following GRIM FILM aka Pojoo Sim, Jared Lee, and Roy Ajong closely. It was definitely before we interviewed them as part of a 2012 BMW Shorties feature. We do know, however, that we love this video of theirs:

Heartbreaking, no? To be honest, there’s also this other video from GRIM FILM that won’t fail to pull at your heartstrings too, the way it did ours. And now you know why we applaud these Malaysians for doing Malaysia proud. Excellent work!


Joyce Chu:

Yup. She’s a household name already by now, mostly because of her “Malsysia Chabor” video. To date, it has been viewed more than 6.5 million times and you can bet that people are still talking about it. Why, you ask? Watch it for yourselves, if you haven’t already:

Well, she definitely made a point there (that she’s Malsysian, not Korean). She also did a cover of K-Pop idol girl group 2NE1‘s “Missing You” earlier this year, which we super “heart”! It’s not hard to imagine why people would assume that she’s Korean.


This guy! We can’t stop gushing about how lovable he is. Guan is a real-life friend of ours so imagine our excitement when he started his YouTube channel about a year ago. Take it from us, peeps, he’s as lovably awkward on YouTube as he is in person. Like so:

He’s not always in front of the camera, of course. He makes other funny videos too, such as “Expectation Vs Reality : When you meet your ex-girlfriend!” Many funny, much LOL. We love! Be right back, running off to get his autograph.

Dennis Yin:

Aside from making guest appearances in his fellow Malaysian YouTuber friends’ videos, Dennis Yin (of Elecoldxhot) is most popular for one thing – dancing. He has done everything from hip hop to R&B and even to K-Pop. This Taeyang’s “RINGA LINGA” cover of his, especially, totally blew us away:

The best part of the above video? It was done by a Malaysian. Yup. #MalaysiaBoleh, you guys! But, “fast” choreography isn’t his only forte. He has also taken it slow for his own interpretation of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” here. Wow. Let’s see if we can get him to teach us how to dance too.

Joseph Germani:

How can we go without including Joseph “Yeah buddy! Bud. Heh Heh” Germani? Way, way, super way back in 2012, he turned our attention to him when he released his “Ask Germani” video. In it, he addressed his fans’ queries about his “obsession” with G-Dragon (BIGBANG leader), amongst other burning questions:

Hey, can you blame the guy? After all, his fans have called him the “Malaysian G-Dragon” 😉

The Ming Thing:

From singing to covering the 27th Golden Disk Awards in Malaysia, to producing web series, and also putting out funny videos, The Ming Thing has got all our votes and more. We laughed especially hard when we watched the “If Hashtags Were A Language” video a few times over:

Alright, alright, we confess. We’re still watching it until today. We also liked “Your Accent Come From Where” because who doesn’t have friends like that, eh? If only there was a way to like their videos than once, hmm. But we digress. The Ming Thing, you’re doing it right!

Elizabeth Tan:

When we first watched her cover of Anna Kendrick’s “Pitch Perfect” song, “Cups”, we knew she’d be one to watch. And we weren’t very far off the mark! Since then, Elizabeth has gone on to appear on shows as well as perform at several events e.g. Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider, Good Vibes Festival 2014.

Impressive? We know, right? As a result, we couldn’t help being such fanpeople during our exclusive interview with her just last month! Girl, you’ve come a long and far way. We’re so proud of you! Psst. She’s single, by the way. She told us herself 😉

Shawn Lee:

Woot! Make way, make way, it’s our all-time favourite Malaysian beatboxer right hurr. When Shawn Lee turned his passion into a career, he never looked back. In 2012, he emerged top 4 in the Beatbox Battle World Championship. But don’t take it from just us! Watch the video his beatbox cover of DVBBS and Borgeous’ “Tsunami”:

</span><span style="font-size: 13px;">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9hGXoC5FjQ

And if that’s not enough to impress you, he also seamlessly pulled off a beatbox cover of Benny Benassi’s “Cinema” – the Skrillex remix version. Ch-ch-check it out, yo.

Last but not least, (and how can we not add these boys to the list anyway?)


We could list out the many reasons we love Jin and Reuben of JinnyboyTV and talk about the many ways we wish we could show them love, but why would we do that we they’re already two of the most love Malaysian boys on YouTube? Song parodies – check. Short films – check. Creative advertorials – you don’t say. VLOGS – of course. And the first video we’ve ever watched from these guys? This:

No prizes for guessing why they have more than 450,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel! Check out their showreel here.

And with that, Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysians!

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