Their last full-length studio album was “Wake Your Mind” in 2011. For more than a year after that release, they were still moving people on the dance floors all over the globe with the unforgettable single off that album, “Be Your Sound”, which features Australian vocalist Emma Hewitt.

We remember speaking to Cosmic Gate in our exclusive interview with them last year and we asked, “Why is everyone about the drop these days?” and they replied:

It was always already about the drop’re right. It’s all about that now – the drop. It’s one siren after another and someone needs to put a stop to this. The quality of the music definitely isn’t as good these days. A lot of these EDM tracks are beginning to sound the same and now is the time to stop it. I don’t want to say that everything is bad – there are a lot of good productions around but there’s also a huge amount of crap. People should adopt certain things but still be true to themselves, and have a real song. Tell a real story!


And if that’s anything to go by, the boys have been telling real stories with music since “Be Your Sound”. But perhaps it’s time to retire that track.

Source: beatport
Source: beatport

On 27th May, Cosmic Gate’s new single, “Falling Back” charted at #1 on the Trance Beatport Charts. Only 10 days after its official release, might we add, and it’s still sitting at #1 as we speak. It looks like the German trance duo Nic and Bossi have decided to stick with the recipe that first made “Be Your Sound” work. Which is, to move away from hard trance but maintain their driving and energetic musical style, and also throw in super expressive vocals. In the case of “Falling Back”, it’s UK recording artiste Eric Lumiere. Who is he? Definitely not anyone new to the dance music industry.

Or to the music industry in general, even.

Jaw-dropping isn’t it? Can you say, “Yes! They’re back!”? Of course, the above awesomeness is just a little peek into what Cosmic Gate will have to offer in their new album, “Start To Feel“. But that’s a story for another day. To purchase “Falling Back”, hit up Beatport here or iTunes here. The duo are also expected to play at The Circus on 8th June! If you haven’t gotten your tickets, right this very moment would be a good time to.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to stalk Cosmic Gate via their social media accounts:

For more information, visit their website.

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