The former “I’m A Celebrity” contestant, Pussycat Dolls member, and current ice skating judge for the show “Dance on Ice” Ashley Roberts, glammed up for the premiere of “Django Unchained” in a long-sleeved garment covered in shining sequins. Oh so beautiful – but she definitely didn’t go alone though! Guess who she brought with her?

Well, here is a hint: He’s a model and a dancer. Yup. If you guessed Jason Beitel than you’re absolutely right!


The star judge also joined the likes of the film’s stars on the red carpet including Kerry Washington, Jamie Foxx, and Christoph Waltz.

Controversial director Quentin Tarantino’s Western tale of revenge, Django Unchained, is currently in the running to bag five Oscars including “Best Picture”, “Original Screenplay”, and “Actor in a Supporting Role” for actor Christoph Waltz. At the film’s London premiere in Leicester Square, the 49-year-old director said:

It’s been a good week, five Oscar nominations today, five BAFTA nominations yesterday. But I actually feel bad that Ben Affleck didn’t get nominated. I think he really deserved it too. I don’t think I will win Best Picture. But if it did, I will take it for sure.

He also admitted being disappointed that he did not receive a nomination for “Best Director” but said he is in good company and that it would be pretty nice if he got it.

Aww. But of course it would. Have faith Tarantino! Plus, an award does not indicate what you are best at or who you are. It all comes from your hard work and the result of it. Besides, you are still one of our favourite directors!


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