Behind Malaysia’s shiny pillars of progress, stands her staunchest symbol of tradition; even as one of Asia’s fastest developing nations, it is home to the world’s highest concentration of constitutional monarchs.

Though many nations maintain monarchies, never before has a ruler come to te same throne twice. And nowhere else can this happen but Malaysia. On “Revealed: Malaysia’s Majesty – Twice A King”, get unparalleled access into the installation of DYMM Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah from the state of Kedah as Malaysia’s 14th King; a profound passage in the royal history of the Malay Peninsula, where Sultan Abdul Halim makes history as the first person to assume this throne for the second time, 41 years after he first became Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, the paramount ruler.


Featuring real stories about Sultan Abdul Halim’s connection to the land and people of Kedah, “Revealed: Malaysia’s Majesty – Twice A King” will provide compelling insights into the integral relationship between the peninsula’s royal rulers and its rakyat. The peninsula is home to nearly a third of the world’s monarchs, and Sultan Abdul Halim’s installation as the 14th Yang Di-Pertuan Agong displays the spirit of “unity in diversity” that thrives at the heart of Malaysia.

In the face of a world that grapples with the confusion thrown up by modernity and globalization, “Revealed: Malaysia’s Majesty – Twice A King” provides a window into understanding how Malaysia continues to cultivate strength from her time-honoured traditions, her past, and perhaps where she is going.

Go behind the scenes of this historic event in the modern land steeped in tradition when “Revealed: Malaysia’s Majesty – Twice A King” premieres on 15th January 2013 (Tuesday) on Astro Channel 551 at 9pm, with encores on  16th January 2013 (Wednesday) at 8am and 2pm.

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