Is that time of the year again – to look back on everything you searched for this year on YouTube.

Do you remember most of the videos you searched for on YouTube throughout 2013 – the song or video that caught your attention and left you captivated? If you don’t then fret not for Hype.My brings you the top #10 most searched for and most watched videos on YouTube Malaysia.

The Top 10 Trending Videos of YouTube Malaysia 2013 are:


1. Ylvis – The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)

This catchy track has hit over 276 million views to date since their release on September 3rd, 2013.

2. PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 (Hadouken! – Levitate)

This clip of various people doing extraordinary things and stunts has hit 0ver 113 million views since it’s release on January 22nd, 2013.

3. KL Gangster 2: Prequel Official Trailer 2013

The trailer for the much anticipated KL Gangster 2 has hit over 1 million views since it’s release.

4. Top 10 Kiyomi Compilation

This video including cute facial gestures and a lot of self-pointing took over the internet with a storm and lead to every girl and boy out there trying to pull of the Kiyomi!

5. Nora Danish gwiyomi as requested. Enjoy!!

Malaysian actress Nora Danish took upon the requests of fans to upload a video of her doing the gyiyomi and the video hit over 1.8 million views since it’s release in April, 2013.

6. 中学生谈恋爱 Students Fall In Love

This adorable clip of high school students surviving each other and falling in love definitely caught the attention of many as it has hit over 1.8 million views in the past 10 months.

7. Angry Birds Toy Surprise Jake and the Never Land Pirates Disney Pixar Cars 2 Easter egg Spongebob

Disney Collector’s video of celebrating Easter with surprises from Disney toys was a big hit amongst YouTubers as it reached over 66 million views.

8. PSY 싸이 – GENTLEMAN 젠틀맨 Waveya 웨이브야 cover dance


This clip of the five-girl dance group known as Waveya covering PSY’s Gentleman was without doubt a big hit with many.

10. Gwiyomi Malay (Malaysian) Style Yang Cute Gila 키요미

This rendition of the Gwiyomi done by a very cute Malay girl won over the hearts of many. Her video has received over 1.3 million views since April, 2013.

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