Consisting of four members from different performing backgrounds, Reach For The Skies (RFTS) is a local rock band that is based in beautiful Kuala Lumpur. With the rise of the entertainment scene here in Malaysia, Jeffery Wong, Nehe Ting, Danny New and Kevin Tan have been performing together for over a year now and have performed at Malaysia Day Band Fest 2013 and C3 Church Subang for the Alpha Youth Course.

How was Reach For The Skies (RFTS) formed?
Danny and Kevin shared similar tastes and interests in music and wanted to write more songs that were different from what their previous band, An Honest Mistake was then playing. So it started off with just Danny and Kevin and over the year the band expanded to Nehe on drums and Jeff as the second guitarist for RFTS, as he came in for a listening session to watch the band jam at the studio, and later joined as a permanent band member.

Why did you pick the name Reach For The Skies? 
The name came as a positive and relatable representation of the band, and for our listeners to relate to. Of us freeing ourselves from burdens that weighs us down in pursuit of that something great that is destined and meant for us. t’s also a line that Woody says in Toy Story. One of our favourite animation films.


How long have you been performing together as a band?
The full line up band has been together for over a year now, and we have busy with the recording and production of our upcoming EP release Aviaries. We went public with RFTS towards the end of August and we played our very first show in September at the Malaysia Day Band Fest 2013 by 2Crank.

What inspires your songs?
For what we have written so far, our inspiration comes from things that occur in our lives from our challenges in life to the moments in life that includes epiphanies and relationships.

Who usually writes the songs in the band?
It varies. We get inspired by many things that sparks off lyrics or melodies, so any of us that has that spark will share it with the band members and from there we will all work on the music and lyrics arrangements . For the upcoming EP, the lyrics were written by Kevin and Nehe.

Favourite songwriter and why?
Danny: Akira Yamaoka, his music compositions for the whole Silent Hill soundtrack was very well and intelligently crafted. Lyric wise, Joel Birch from The Amity Affliction and Ben Haggerty (Macklemore) for they both write lyrics that are inspiring, honest and positive based on experiences in life.

Kevin: Anthony Green, is such an interesting character. Aside from being creative and talented as a composer, singer and lyricist, he has this mysterious air about him and the things he create, which makes his music really cool and hard to define. I would really want to discover what it is, and learn from this guy.

Nehe: Aaron Gillespie (The Almost and formerly from Underoath), there isn’t a why, he is just…

Reach For The Skies (RFTS)
Reach For The Skies (RFTS)

If your band can collaborate with a local artist who would it be?

Danny: Seven Collar T-Shirt
Nehe: Clement Kee from (The Star Rage Open Mic series)
Jeff: Jin Hackman


What about an international artist?
Danny: Does It Offend You, Yeah? (Yup it’s a band name 😛 ) 
Kevin: Anthony Green
Nehe: Jay Chow
Jeff: Dance Gavin Dance

What’s next for Reach For The Skies?
We will be releasing our debut EP Aviaries which will tentatively be released during the end of October or early November so look out for it! Apart from that, we will continue to do what we love doing as a band and is to share our music and play more shows.

Where can our readers listen to and get updates from you?
You can reach us and follow our journey on our Facebook page and and follow us on Twitter for updates.


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