The Celepets (acronym of “Celebrity With Pet Project”) consists of seven celebrity friends: Yasmin Hani, Sazzy Falak, Serena C, Dynas Mokhtar, Atilia Haron, Aishah Sinclair, and Daphne Iking. Recently, they came together for their latest Pet Project: Celebrity Reel!

The Celepets have been friends for a long time, being respected artists in different capacities: hosts, actresses, models, songstress, deejays etc. Behind the lights and glitter of the celebrity life, the seven of them go through normal life being women, mothers, sisters, wives and friends. As a group of friends across different backgrounds they support each other in their quest to improve their careers, friendship, love and family. It’s not easy being a mother (five of them are mothers), a businesswoman, and a celebrity, the Celepets have stayed together through the good and bad times, creating a unique bond not unlike those girl groups depicted in sitcoms or television dramas.

People only see the Celepets from their TV screens and most may not understand the downside of being famous such as the lack of privacy, the long hours of shooting, the days spent traveling to faraway places, the stalkers, the rumors flying around in the gossip columns and how it all cuts through the fabric of personal life with friends and family.



This multi-talented group of young, dynamic artists with their own legion of followers is now sharing their reality video series with you in their latest project, Celebrity Reel. Fans of the Celepets can now get exclusive videos sent directly to their smartphones. For the first time, fans can have a glimpse into the lives of the Celepets from a unique angle, from the glitzy red carpet events with the famous, to dealing with their kids’ tantrums, to having quiet dinners with their boyfriend/husband. This revolutionary way of “Reality Videos” is the first in the region and eager fans have already been subscribing to Celebrity Reel SMS service following the announcement from the Celepets via their social media accounts.

The Celepets have a hectic season ahead, with their travel plans, television shootings, family breakaways, yoga classes and get-togethers. Subscribers will definitely be entertained by the quirky, honest and fun reality videos of them and will get to know their pet nicknames, their hobbies, their favorite hairstylists and many more peculiar details of the Celepets from the videos.

Celebrity Reel featuring The Celepets is a joint venture between, The Celepets themselves being the co-producer, Blublack Productions and Trylah Sdn Bhd, The show premieres on the 27th May 2013 and it is only available via mobile platform. It is a paid service where interested viewer will need to subscribe to the service, upon which they will start receiving the show straight to their mobile according to distribution schedule. A minimal charge of RM1.50 per video will be charged to subscribers for each episode they receive.

For more info, visit their Facebook page (including the terms and conditions for subscribers) or follow them via Twitter for the latest updates.

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