Before we get into the review, let’s just say that “Hummingbird” took up a lot of our attention span. It’s that kind of film where you would be required to have slightly more than an hour and a half to spare and a lot of patience.

Joey Jones (played by Jason Statham) is a damaged ex-special forces soldier (read: military personnel) who is on the run and trying his damndest to hide by living the life of a homeless man – at first, at least. But he wasn’t alone – Joey was living with his expectant girlfriend, Isabelle.

Jason Statham Hummingbird


Then came the day that gangsters decided to capture Isabelle to use her in a vice ring (read: prostitution), which Joey tried to fight but loses after they chase him down the criminal-infested streets of London.

Hobo Joey ends up in a house in his bid to escape the gangsters and immediately assumes the role of the owner. Conveniently and easily, since the owner happened to be away for the entire summer. He then decides to start anew although he lands himself a job with the Chinese triads. Not only does he start making loads of “dirty” money but he also starts leading himself right into the “underground world”.


However, he makes it a point not to forget his purpose – to find Isabelle. Which brings us to him getting into an unorthodox relationship with a nun named Sister Cristina (played by Agata Buzek) somewhere along the way. Sister Cristina also had to be the one to break the news to Joey that Isabelle was murdered, which transformed him into an out-of-control avenging angel. She then tries to stop him from further “damaging” himself.

Will she succeed? What does he choose in the end? Does he slip away from good, for good?:

[youtube id=”qe6Viz3Jw3Q” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Find out when you catch “Hummingbird” in a cinema near you starting 16th May 2013!

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