McLaren ace Jenson Button has stepped in to give his two cents about the whole Sebastian Vettel-Mark Webber fiasco that took place at the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang a few weeks ago. Jenson, who was shocked that Sebastian Vettel disobeyed Red Bull principal Christian Horner by overtaking team-mate Mark Webber to win the race, believes that Sebastian will get eventually get “hurt”.

Jenson also added that three-time world champion Sebastian Vettel’s selfishness will only return to haunt him later in the season:

We all want to win but Sebastian drives for Red Bull and they have to call the shots. So many times it has worked in his favour. I think that will hurt him in the long run. I am surprised he did that. I find team orders difficult but to disregard a team order is something different. At the start of the race, they knew they had team orders. That’s the bigger issue.


I am not a fan of giving a driver preferential treatment but the issue here is that Vettel did not want team orders. How is he going to give that win back to Mark? I cannot imagine him leading the race and going to Mark and say, “Here you go”.

That’s very difficult and I could not do that.

If you are told to save tyres and your team-mate is behind you and he overtakes you, you are going to get annoyed. It can cause an issue. Even if they sit down and discuss it, it is not going to change the outcome. It is still in their minds and it does not go away.

Of course, he’s no stranger to dueling with a team mate. In 2010, he went head-to-head with Lewis Hamilton in Turkey. Ironically, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber had already taken each other out of the race when they collided.

Jenson Button

Jenson Button, who was unaware that Lewis Hamilton was told to turn his engine down and save fuel, leapfrogged past him. The two discussed it as soon as they got out of their cars and later buried the hatchet after the misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber will be under fierce scrutiny as they return to the Red Bull team garage at this week’s Chinese Grand Prix following a furious team orders row in Malaysia. The reigning world champion and his aggrieved Australian team-mate are said to have called a truce after Vettel’s controversial late pass for victory at Sepang, but relations are likely to be uneasy at best.


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