Get pumped up this 8th April 2013 for a brand new star-studded season of Adventure Time, Cartoon Network’s hit animated series.

Already a mega-hit among Malaysian viewers, Adventure Time revolves around the weird encounters of Finn and Jake who take viewers on a journey into the mystical Land of Ooo. These best of buddies are always on a whirlwind ride as they encounter colourful inhabitants while finding themselves in the middle of heart-pounding escapades.

Adventure Time S5_02


The all-new season five will feature the appearance of much-loved comedic actor Neil Patrick Harris from “How I Met Your Mother” who will play the role of Prince Gumball as seen in season three’s gender switch episode “Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake”.

Prince Gumball, the gender-swapped character of Princess Bubblegum was first introduced in a series of drawings and comics. He was then featured in season three which revealed that the character only exists in fanfiction written by the Ice King.

The episode, entitled “Bad Little Boy” which is set to air mid-season, will also see Donald Glover from Community starring as Marshall Lee, the musical male counterpart to fan favorite Marceline the Vampire Queen. Additionally, also making her return this season is the possibly redeemed Flame Princess and the arrival of Jake and Lady Ranicorn’s pups.

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On top of this, with the new season premiere, Cartoon Network Asia will be hosting a whole load of interactively entertaining online games. To unlock these games, viewers will have to tune in every week during the new episode in which the Adventure Time characters will provide clues.

Be sure to tune in to Cartoon Network exclusively on Astro Channel 616 every Monday at 5:30pm to get these clues and hit up their website to unlock the whacky Adventure Time online games.

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