It was the sound of a gunshot which changed the United States forever.  The most dramatic bullet fired was aimed at the 16th president of the Unites States resulting as the most resonant crime in the American history: the true story of Abraham Lincoln’s killing.

Killing Lincoln” is equipped with important historical insight, chronicling the final days of President Abraham Lincoln and the treasonous assassination plot by the villains.

Narrated by Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks, the film stars Billy Campbell (the lead actor in “The Killing” and “Once and Again”) as Abraham Lincoln and introduces Jesse Johnson in a breakthrough performance as John Wilkes Booth. The film adapts Bill O’Reilly’s best-selling book into a two-hour global television event.



“Killing Lincoln” has all the components of a thrilling crime novel involving conspiracy, public assassination and an unprecedented manhunt. This is both an electrifying look at a shadowy scheme cultivated during the rapid-fire succession of closing Civil War events and a wrenching journey to understand a reviled “madman”.

In “Killing Lincoln”, Southern stalwart John Wilkes Booth is plotting a vengeance as he views President Lincoln as a tyrant eager to eradicate not just slavery, but the Southern way of life. He launches a clandestine plot to kidnap the president and spirit him away to the South. Due to the failure of Booth’s kidnapping mission, the plan to kill President Abraham Lincoln emerged. His ultimate triumph in murder shocked the nation and sparks the largest manhunt in the United States’ young history.

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Remember to catch the premiere of “Killing Lincoln” exclusively on National Geographic Channel (Astro Ch 553) at 9pm on 17th March 2013.

For more information, visit their website.

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