Yesterday afternoon, a flyover bridge in Cyberjaya collapsed. It was located at KM P2.4 near the Selangor Science Park 2 Interchange between the Putrajaya Toll Plaza and Putrajaya/Cyberjaya on Lingkaran Putrajaya. At 12:49pm, the public tipped off the incident to PLUS Malaysia, who then sent highway officials to the scene.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident because the flyover was actually already closed (read: defunct).

Cyberjaya Bridge Collapse (4)


According to Othman Omar (PKNS general manager), the construction of the flyover commenced in 2007 and it was completed in 2009. After which, it was handed over to PLUS and the Malaysia Highway Authority (MHA) in March 2012. He also said that when they first handed the flyover to PLUS, it was still in good condition but in November, the road was deemed damage due to the soft swamp soil and a contractor was appointed to dig up the road and apply a new tar on it.

In early December 2012, authorities decided to close the flyover when the MHA discovered some movement to one of the pillars holding the flyover. As of time of writing, PKNS is still trying to identify the root cause of the incident. Clean-up work at the site would take about three weeks and full restoration of the collapsed flyover could take up to eight months.

Cyberjaya Bridge Collapse (1)

Meanwhile, users from the Elite Highway heading towards Putrajaya or Cyberjaya are advised to exit the highway via the Saujana Putra Interchange before entering the SKVE highway to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya.


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