“When I knew I had a twin, the first thing I wanted to do was find her. But the only clue I had was that she was given away at the same village where my biological parents lived”, said YMCA executive Grace Loo. And so begins the story of the two identical twin sisters separated at birth who finally found each other after being apart for 25 years.

The sisters, 25-year-old Grace Loo and 25-year-old nurse Eliza Chang were given away at birth by their biological parents due to financial constraints. They were sent to two completely different places – Grace Loo (who is older by nine minutes) to a family in Singapore and Eliza Chang to a family in Raub. Grace eventually learnt of her twin after being told about her by her adoptive father and decided to try and contact her.

She spent about three years of searching and even went as far as setting up a Facebook page to find her. But there was no news. She then decided searching on Facebook for people who listed Raub as their hometown. And if we know how Facebook works, there must’ve been heaps of people.


But at long last, she found Eliza. In January this year.

“When I saw Loo’s friend’s request, the first thing I thought when I saw her profile was hey, I don’t remember taking this profile picture!”, said Eliza of the initial “meet” on the social media platform. Grace then took a plane from Singapore to Raub to meet Eliza Chang in real life after having made contact on Facebook. The twins, although worried at first that it might be awkward, had a joyful meeting where they discovered how much the both of them had in common.

[youtube id=”WJ2w8kAfV2w” width=”600″ height=”350″]

According to Grace, “We have almost the same personality. We compared profile pictures and we realised that at certain times of our lives, we had the same hairstyles and dress sense. We both also like spicy food, travelling and sleeping”. Well, if you asked us, it sounds like something made for movies!

And who said that Facebook is nothing but a waste of time?


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