With the upcoming launch of the new signature race party, the Johnnie Walker® Circuit Lounge, a sneak preview of sophisticated and bold Johnnie Walker® cocktails, one of the highlights of this highly anticipated event, took place through a whisky mentoring and cocktail-making demonstration today.

Johnnie Walker® Global Brand Ambassador, Tom Jones, made a rare appearance in Kuala Lumpur to take guests through a flavour journey of the Johnnie Walker® Deluxe whisky range (Black Label®, Double Black™ and Gold Label Reserve™) as a precursor to the cocktail making.


The three blends used to develop the unique cocktail creations embody the rich, complex flavours of the world’s favourite and most awarded blended Scotch whisky, the iconic Johnnie Walker® Black Label™; the full bodied, smoky intensity of the worldwide hit Johnnie Walker® Double Black™; and the luxuriously smooth, honeyed and creamy notes of the celebration blend, Johnnie Walker® Gold Label Reserve™.

The cocktails showcased were painstakingly created with advice and input from across Asia Pacific with the exciting new Johnnie Walker® Black Label™ cocktail, aptly named “Circuit Lounge“, taking centre-stage.

Guests also had the opportunity to mix “Peat Perfect“, the new Double Black cocktail that contrasts the intense smoky flavours of this bold blend with the sweetness of grapefruit, along with the smooth Johnnie Walker® Gold Label Reserve™ signature cocktail, “Fresh Gold“, served in a celebratory champagne flute, as the perfect end to the evening.

The exclusive Johnnie Walker® cocktails will be available at Johnnie Walker® Circuit Lounge and Johnnie Walker® Circuit Nights throughout the year.


The Johnnie Walker® Circuit Lounge, Malaysia’s signature race week party, will take place on 23rd March, 2013. For more information, please visit the Johnnie Walker® Malaysia Facebook page.

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