Former President of the United States George H.W. Bush, who has been hospitalized since November due to a bronchitis-like cough, has been admitted into intensive care. It was said that he has been running a fever and has had a series of setbacks which have landed him in guarded condition in the intensive care unit.

He has also been put on a strict liquid diet.

Although the health of the 88-year-old former President has clearly worsened, spokesman Jim McGrath insisted that, “It’s an elevated fever so it’s actually gone up in the last day or two. It’s a stubborn fever that won’t go away.”


George H.W. Bush served a single term in the White House from 1989 to 1993, despite sending US forces to victory in Iraq in the first Gulf War, expelling Saddam Hussein’s forces from Kuwait. He was first admitted to Methodist Hospital in Houston on 7th November for bronchitis treatment and was discharged on 19th November. However, Mr Bush was readmitted on 23rd November when his cough flared up once more.

Doctors had initially hoped that Mr Bush would be able to head home for Christmas but instead, he had to spend the festivities in the hospital. The bright side was that he was joined by his loving family – his wife Barbara, his son Neil, and his grandson Pierce.

Get well soon, Mr Bush!


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