At only six years old, she has achieved dreams that girls twice or triple her age can only hope to come close to achieving. And by close, we mean, posters decked out on all four walls of their bedrooms.

Her name was Avalanna Routh, also known as the girl who was suffering from a rare but aggressive form of childhood cancer. But that wasn’t what made her the talk of international news.

Source: Justin Bieber’s Instagram

Avalanna made headlines when the staff at the Dana-Fraber/Children’s Hospital Cancer Center threw her a wedding. There was cake, flowers, and even a singer. Who was she getting married to, you ask? None other than teen sensation Justin Bieber, whom she was a huge fan of. The “wedding” earned her the nickname, “Mrs. Bieber”.


Two months ago, they stopped cancer treatments for young Avalanna, and a few days ago, she passed away. (Source)


While her family, friends, fans, and staff members at the cancer center were in mourning, Justin paid tribute to her at his 29th September concert in Arizona. He sang “One Less Lonely Girl” while a touching photo montage played in the background. (Source)

It was the most emotional moment of his highly anticipated “Believe” tour:

[youtube id=”YgCpv_TR6W8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

After which, he tweeted:

Source: Justin Bieber’s Twitter

We dare you to tell us that it didn’t make you want to shed a tear.

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