After four years, he has finally been defeated by his arch-nemesis for the world of badminton’s biggest title. In the latest ranking list released by the World Badminton Federation (BWF) yesterday, it was stated that our Datuk Lee Chong Wei is no longer No. 1.

And in his place is the name of four-time world champion, China’s very own pride and joy, Lin Dan.


Chong Wei’s great fall started when he failed to defend his title at the Indonesian Open coupled with his absence in international tournaments following an ankle injury at the Thomas Cup Finals. As it is, the pressure is high for our Datuk, who needs to train hard for the 2012 Olympics which will happen next month.

The Olympics is crucial for Chong Wei as he will be challenging now world No.1 badminton player Lin Dan for the gold medal. While others see it as a blessing (the injury and the drop in ranking), we feel that it could be translated into a pure form of demotivation and now worry if he will be able to take on the defending champion at all or not. The only consolation is knowing that our badminton hero is giving his 110% at regaining his form for the impending big game.

Datuk, it’s all in your hands now to take home the Olympics gold medal.

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