Sumptuous Erotica’s Alvin & Vivian, BUSTED!

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What's This?

24-year-old Alvin Tan Jye Yee and his 23-year-old girlfriend, Vivian Lee has sparked an outrage when sexually explicit videos and pictures of them were discovered recently.

But unlike any other “Oops. My laptop was stolen and they were leaked without my permission!” cases, these were taken and posted willingly by both individuals.

Alvin Tan

Alvin, who has a National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Law ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship, met Vivian, a Multimedia University (MMU) graduate via Facebook. They initially uploaded intimate pictures (with certain “parts” edited out) on Facebook. The pictures, of course, were red flagged. So they decided to start a blog in September – aptly named, “Sumptuous Erotica”.

It was the same time that their “fooling around with pictures and videos” got a little bit more serious. (Source)

Sumptuous Erotica was filled with full-on pornographic material, as though they were amateur porn stars. Some self-made pictures displaying the couple’s naked bodies together and individually while videos containing their fetishes/roleplaying (read: Alvin as rapist and Vivian as victim) were uploaded. Shockingly, Alvin even encouraged their blog’s readers to “rate” their photos and urged them to share/repost their images.

Needless to say, it went viral.

All of it.

Sure, for them, it was super exciting. However, it all blew up in their faces when Alvin posted Sumptuous Erotica’s address on a public forum. From 1,000 page views per day, it skyrocketed to about 20,000 page views per day.

It sparked a controversy and now, Alvin has landed himself into hot (and not in the sexual way) soup because not only was he forced to take down the blog, NUS’ Board of Discipline (BOD) have taken the case into investigation. One NUS spokesperson said of the case, “All NUS students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner and should not be associated with offensive behaviour. Any student found in breach of the University’s Code of Student Conduct will be disciplined”.

This basically means he could be expelled and dealt with legally, despite the fact that he’s not Singaporean. He could be denied entry into Singapore or both Alvin and Vivian could be prosecuted for breaching the Films Act on the grounds of obscenity for their videos. (Source)

Vivian, however, has jumped to her boyfriend’s, their blog’s, and their relationship’s defense by saying that they couldn’t care less about what the public thinks of this. She has since moved in with Alvin.

Vivian Lee

Still, was it worth it?

Yes, we know, it sounds like this was all just a huge cry for attention. But Alvin might’ve just gotten more than he bargained for:



Just yesterday, Alvin attended a hearing with the National University of Singapore (NUS) disciplinary board, which started at 2:30pm. He has since apologized for hurting the education hub’s image with “Sumptuous Erotica”. The 24-year-old law student who is on an Asean scholarship was with give NUS disciplinary board members for one-and-a-half hours. Yet, when it was all over, he was still unsure if they would penalize him for his raunchy actions.

“I have no idea what the outcome is going to be as they just noted down what I said. The hearing was more of a clarification session about things I had allegedly said and claims about me. I feel there wasn’t much space for me to present my case and I can only expect the worst case scenario and learn how to deal with it”, he told journalists who had been waiting at the university’s lobby.

Alvin will know within the next on week whether he will be expelled from NUS.


  • Justbrowsethrough

    Vivian, you are not pretty and it’s ugly to see you act in porn. So be it accept the fact the public know you look like transexual because the message is you are not Angelina Jolie or good looking porn star. You in fact an ugly porn star.

    • Anon1

      Hahaha, nice one Justbrowsethrough. Totally agreed with you!

    • KI’m

      I think she is kinda hot actually…

  • Shirley Tan

    :-) I must you got real guts.

  • Shirley G

    wow…girl, that is some guts i have got to admit. But don’t you feel like an ass****….more like an educated asshole dying for attention, plus in an awfully cheap way?

  • Belle

    Wow…Vivian was really below my expectation… Its quite shock that Alvin would go for a girl like this.

  • Letch

    It is such a waste to lose the education for mere 15 minutes fame.

    Wait until their children(if any) follows their footstep.

    This blatant act will have consequences.

  • chong

    These two bloody idiots never care about their family face. Do you encourage this. If Vivian so randy,put up advertisment so let the whole world men fuck her.

  • Damselin D

    I just don’t get it. They don’t have to show their erotic scene ’cause we all know ’bout it. It’s just, disgusting, ya know, especially for that young lady.

    As a lady, I was ashamed. That’s totally unnatural for a lady. Stop copying those porn stars and get a life.

  • linda

    omg alvin’s parents actually so open minded to go as far as accepting what alvin is doing. totally speechless n vivian totally ugly =.=

  • liu

    To Alvin,
    Your IQ is too high until left no room for EQ.

    To Vivian,
    I think you ought to do some plastic surgery before you decided to do porn stuff. He maybe an idiot. But you are a stupid girl because you allow yourself to be coax into it.

    • nunu

      True! 1000x like your comments…:-)

  • Lim AH

    Stupidity is their best policy

  • GrowUpPeople

    I honestly don’t understand the big deal is with this blog. If they wanna do it… they can go ahead and do it. If you don’t like it… Don’t read it or watch it.

    Someone said they’re a disgrace to the Chinese culture. That’s way to conservative and traditional. They do what they do as people. Not as a certain race. I’m Chinese. It’s a disgrace for that “someone” to somehow relate this to Chinese culture.

    Come on. people. Don’t tell me you don’t watch porn?!?! I’m a girl and I’m admitting I watch porn. Grow up, people!

  • ACE


  • Vilbert Yap

    no meaning nia………….

  • Ryan

    Vivian looks a lot like an Asian girl but she’s not actually cute.