David Guetta forced to flee Paris gig in shame

UPDATE: We believe the source in which this story was originally published may be hoaxed. We will keep you updated so stay tuned!


According to recent a social media trend, famed DJ David Guetta was forced to flee the stage in embarrassment when at the start of his performance, he hit the play button on the wrong track at a recent show in Paris.

Sources indicated that Guetta released the following statement via twitter stating:

“To all my fans, I’m sorry that you had to find out that I have been pre-recording sets and not playing live. Please understand that this is not due to lack of talent or laziness but because of this crippling phobia, for which I am seeking professional help, as was heard when I accidentally hit play on my coping CD.”

The pop star went on to further say that ordinarily he doesn’t “even look at the crowd. I’ll just twiddle some knobs on the mixing desk thingy. When I do have to look up to the crowd I’ll close my eyes as if enjoying myself, or I’ll let my golden locks dangle in front of my eyes so I don’t see people dancing.”

“Ironically with no-one dancing it probably would have been one of my shows that I would have actually enjoyed.” he added.

Oh boy..


  • anonymous

    I believe Wunderground is a parody website, since some of their previous articles are pretty ridiculous to believe.

  • http://www.osbgs.com steph

    Of course it’s a hoax, it comes from http://www.wunderground.ie/