Couple Fall To Their Death While Making Love Near Window

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What's This?

Recently, it was revealed that because the weather is so hot in Wuhan, China, that it led to a couple “broadcasting” a sex session by the window to keep cool. Unfortunately, these two didn’t seem to notice the window was of poor quality in their moment of pleasure. Just as they were in the height of passion, the window suddenly broke and the two of them fell out the building and promptly died, leading to an irreversible tragedy. However, the source and authenticity of this incident has yet been verified.

According to the netizen, it seems the couple didn’t notice the windows were in poor condition in their moment of pleasure. Just as the female climaxed and involuntarily arched her back, the windows broke and she lost balance. With the two of them holding each other tight, they fell out of the building.



Guys, stay off the “window sex”, please?