1 World Music Festival in Singapore Cancelled

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What's This?

Yeah, they’re experiencing first world music festival problems and boy, this is surely big news. According to the festival organisers, Retfar Entertainment has cancelled the much anticipated 1 World Music Festival due to “unforeseen circumstances”. This comes as a shock to many, as the festival is scheduled for this weekend (20th & 21st of September 2013)

What’s even more shocking is that according to a news source, Retfar Entertainment had just placed bookings for the Marina Barrage, Singapore just a week ago.

According to a prominent socialite in the know of the goings-on with the event, the organisers “only booked the venue last week and none of the celebs even confirmed they were coming.”


The socialite has chosen to stay anonymous according to the source.


Several artists that were lined up for the festival had tweeted about coming to Singapore, though not specifically to the festival.

A source who is said to be working with Retfar on the music festival revealed exclusively to Popspoken following the announcement that “we were this close… we definitely had all the announced artists confirmed and signed on the contract.

The Festival Lineup

The Festival Lineup

Despite rumours floating on social media that low ticket sales was a factor in the cancellation, the source said that ticket sales were “good” and the cancellation happened due to production and licensing issues.

Many had expressed their disappointment on the festivals Official Facebook Fan Page, as people from around the South East Asian region and Australians had purchased tickets and are requesting refunds.