Word, Word?

Word is 8TV’s new reality program that showcases upcoming MC’s and Rappers together in a rap battle to find out who deserves to win a grand prize of RM25,000!

The best part is, you get to catch the premiere of this reality programme on Thursday, 20 September, 10:00pm, exclusively on 8TV, Channel 708.


Contrary to other reality shows where a group or individual will contest each other in the same genre, ‘Word’ will have each rapper battle using their own skill. Each ‘rap battle’ will be judged according to the rapper’s skill in prose, beat, vocabulary and most importantly, how well he/she can ‘heckle’ their opponent.


Local Artists give it their all!

The show would also throw unique challenges into each week e.g. ‘Out of The Box’ – rappers have to rap about whatever item they pick from a box; ‘My Story’ – rappers will receive a short story from the viewers and have to rap about it.

So don’t forget to catch them, word?